From Congressman Boucher:

“The first order of business for the new FCC should be a return to the bi-partisan light regulatory oversight of broadband launched during the Clinton administration. The decision to treat broadband as an information service unleashed a wave of investment in internet infrastructure that enabled our communications network to become the envy of the world. That progress has been undermined by the Commission’s decision to treat broadband as a telecommunications service with regulatory requirements designed for the monopoly era of rotary telephones. Few regulatory changes would do more to promote investment and a stronger U.S. economy than a return to the time-honored light regulatory regime for broadband.”

From Bruce Mehlman:

“GOP control of the White House, House and Senate for the first time in a decade promises significant opportunities for change and modernization of telecom policies. The next FCC has the chance to accelerate investment and constructively pave the way for 5G, radical convergence and the next generation of broadband services. The next Congress has the opportunity to reinvent a two-decades old governing statute woefully out-of-date with modern competitive realities and marketplace challenges.”