This week’s State of the Net panel on cybersecurity, timely-named “Cyber Security Under Trump: Stopping the Hacks,” examined how the new Administration could go about addressing the increasing need for a stiffer digital defense.

It’s clear that the Trump Team takes cyber security very seriously, and they are moving fast to put serious people and policies in place.

My fellow panelists — CSIS’ Jim Lewis, Congressman Michael McCaul Legislative Director Austin Carson, and AEI’s Shane Tews — joined me in discussing how the exciting boom in connected devices (an estimated 6.4 million out there already) creates new challenges for cybersecurity, particularly from DDoS attacks. As recently reported in The Hill, there has been a 138% increase in such attacks since November of 2015, each of them happening at a speed of 100 gigabits per second, with too few organizations and government agencies taking appropriate defensive measures to secure their connectivity and data.

There’s a lot of work to be done. And we can only succeed if the innovative private sector partners with government experts and policy leaders to identify the right moves and collaborate on their execution.