Last week I had the privilege of leading a discussion with Elroy Sailor, Co-Founder of JC Watts Companies and a member of the Trump Transition Team, at AT&T’s annual Lewis Latimer Black History Month Leadership Luncheon. The focus of our talk was a roadmap for the Trump administration’s first 100 days, particularly when it comes to technology, the gig economy, and broadband access.

While we certainly live in heavily partisan times — and the Trump administration has had its share of stumbles early on — the roadmap Sailor highlighted for the administration should transcend party lines, as it aims to increase job opportunities and job growth for all Americans. That means continuing to push for broadband expansion as part of infrastructure investment (a key Trump talking point during the campaign); encouraging tech growth in places outside of the usual enclaves of Silicon Valley, New York, Seattle, and Austin; and pushing for greater availability of federal spectrum for tech companies and providers.

Of course, whether the Trump administration and Congress are able to follow through on their tech roadmap remains to be seen, but as the discussion with Sailor showed, their focus from the outset is encouraging. One thing we should all be able to agree on, after all, is the idea that keeping the gig economy growing should be as nonpartisan as an issue can get, and that expanding the critical tool of broadband should continue to be a top priority for the good of the country.