The phenomenon of people “cutting the cord” is about more than people choosing wireless and Internet-based technology instead of traditional phone service. Cable is also feeling the effect, with services like Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Prime plucking consumers away. Case in point: Gerry Smith of The Huffington Post, who writes about his experience with a new service called Aereo aimed at providing consumers with a new way to watch broadcast television:

For me, Aereo has been a welcome addition to the patchwork of services my wife and I use to watch our favorite shows and live sports.

We are two of the “cable cutters” you hear about—youngish residents of big cities who don’t have cable. We don’t want to pay an expensive monthly bill and don’t want to be tempted to watch hours of mindless television.

For $8 a month, we’ve been able to watch live golf tournaments and basketball games and record up to 20 hours of programs when we’re not home. To watch must-see shows we can’t get on Aereo, like “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and old episodes of “Friday Night Lights,” we use iTunes and Netflix.

Smith notes that while Aereo is facing a flurry of lawsuits from content providers, the service still plans to expand to 22 cities over the next year. Stay tuned…