Streaming video services aren’t just taking over living rooms, they’re increasingly becoming players in content creation and acquisition. Case in point: This year’s Sundance Film Festival, which saw a lot of spending on content from Netflix and Amazon. As Mashable reports:

Industry insiders who spoke to Mashable on the condition of anonymity said Amazon and Netflix were more aggressive than ever before in obtaining the top films this year. With higher bids from the streaming giants, it’s getting harder for indie studios to nab their normal haul of films.

“The indie U.S. distributors are on the precipice of being on a dangerous tipping point because Netflix and Amazon are driving up the prices into a realm where only a couple of companies can buy movies, and they have to buy them on a worldwide basis,” one veteran acquisition executive told Mashable.

Yet another example of how streaming service providers are rapidly gaining power when it comes to entertainment content.