Over at Read Write Web, Lauren Orsini has an awesome story on a group of high schoolers already knee-deep in the programming game:

The next killer app just might be developed by a girl still in high school.

Meet Kira Becker, Emily Moschella, Tara Abrishami and Anna Venetianer. Not one of them is older than 16, but they’re already accomplished programmers.

The four have spent the past five months developing Navi Car. Since they attend Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a magnet school that attracts gifted students from all over the Washington, DC, area, their commutes are often lengthy. The girls all have active after-school lives, including tennis, track & field and theater, but it’s not always easy to get where they need to be.

So the girls decided to solve their commuting problem by building an Android app.

Orsini’s full story is definitely worth checking out.