Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of Apple’s App Store. At Read Write Web, Dan Rowinski looks at the effect mobile apps have had on, well, everything:

On July 10, 2008, Apple released the App Store for iPhone. As with many things Apple, the concept was not new: the software world had been moving to digital downloads for a while, and Palm’s PDAs showed that mobile-device users wanted apps. It was the execution, scale and scope of Apple’s new App Store that would forever change the software industry.

“Apple’s App Store fundamentally restructured the apps ecosystem, the process of developing and launching apps, and how consumers consumed content and services. It also changed computing forever,” said mobile analyst and consultant Chetan Sharma.

No single industry sector has been spared the changes that the spread of the App Store has brought about. Programmers and designers, enterprises and small businesses, media and advertising, government—name an industry and it has felt the effects of the App Store.

There are now over 900,000 apps in the App Store. Not bad for something still in the toddler stage.