One of the big reasons people still rely on cable is live sporting events, which — until recently — were only available the traditional way. Then ESPN launched a streaming service available to cable subrscribers and the writing seemed to be on the wall for an all-streaming future — eventually.

Now, Peter Kafka of Re/Code reports, the “Worldwide Leader” is flirting with the idea of offering streaming packages free from the need for traditional cable:

ESPN boss John Skipper says that next year the company may sell a package of Major League Soccer games to Web viewers, who could pay for the games without subscribing to ESPN itself.

That would essentially replace the MLS Live service that the league currently markets to fans on its own, which costs $65 a season and gives subscribers digital access to most of the league’s games.

If a MLS Live service takes off and ESPN takes the plunge with the rest of the sports it offers, things could easily change quickly and dramatically when it comes to streaming vs. cable. Stay tuned.