A new report from Recon Analytics casts a light on just how important the wireless industry is to America’s economy. The full report, titled “The Wireless Industry: The Essential Engine of U.S. Economic Growth, is available here (PDF), but here’s some highlights:

• The US wireless industry is responsible for 3.8 million jobs, directly and indirectly, an increase of more than 200,00 over the past six years; this accounts for 2.6% of all US employment.

• The wireless industry is now larger than the publishing, agriculture, hotels and lodging, air transportation, motion picture and recording, and motor vehicle manufacturing industry segments and rivals the computer systems design services and oil and gas extraction industries.

• The wireless industry and its direct and indirect employees paid $88.6 billion in taxes, including federal, state and local fees and taxes.

The report also looks at the current hot topic of spectrum, and finds that for every 10 MHz of spectrum made available to the wireless industry…

• US GDP increases by $1.739 billion

• US Employment increases by at least an additional 7,000

• Government revenues increase by $468 million

There’s much, much more to be found in the report. Check it out.