Via Russ Buettner of the New York Times comes an interesting twist in the online privacy debate — especially for those who often share their thoughts via social media:

A Criminal Court judge in Manhattan ruled on Monday that Twitter must turn over to prosecutors messages sent by a Brooklyn writer during the Occupy Wall Street protests last fall. In doing so, the judge, Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr., indicated that although private speech was protected, the same did not apply to public comments on Twitter.

“The Constitution gives you the right to post, but as numerous people have learned, there are still consequences for your public posts,” Judge Sciarrino wrote. “What you give to the public belongs to the public. What you keep to yourself belongs only to you.

On a related note, Twitter happened to release its “transparency report” today, and revealed that in the first half of 2012 they received more government requests for information on users than they received in all of 2011. Leading the charge when it comes to requests: the United States.