Title II Regulation and its Potential Impact on Deployment of
21st Century Broadband Networks and Services

Thursday, July 24th
10:00 a.m.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel – The Gallery

Featuring Keynote Speaker
Ajit Pai
Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

Commissioner Pai will be followed by a diverse panel of legal, policy and financial analysts that will discuss the potential legal, policy and financial impact of regulating broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. 

Featuring Panelists
Fred Campbell
Director, Center for Boundless Innovation in Technology

George Reed-Dellinger
Senior Vice President and TeleMedia/Internet Analyst, Washington Analysis

Anna-Maria Kovacs
Visiting Senior Policy Scholar, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Roslyn Layton
Ph.D. fellow in Internet Economics, the Center for Communication, Media and Information, Technologies at Aalborg University in Denmark

Bruce Mehlman (Moderator)
Co-Chairman, Internet Innovation Alliance

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Breakfast will be served

*This event complies with House and Senate ethics standards*