Commissioner Pai on Spectrum and Reforms

At Broadcasting & Cable, John Eggerton highlights a speech from FCC commissioner Ajit Pai earlier today:

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai said Thursday that the commission still had work to do on the mobile spectrum allocation and process reform fronts. He also said the FCC either needs to set an internal schedule for various elements required for holding a broadcast incentive auction in 2014, or if that is not possible reconsider that 2014 date.

That is according to a copy of a speech commissioner Pai was giving on Thursday in Pittsburgh, the city where he delivered his first speech as FCC commissioner a year ago.

Commissioner Pai also spoke to B&C about ongoing efforts to reform the FCC:

“Some of [the reforms] are pretty simple. Establishing more deadlines for ourselves and giving those deadlines some teeth, whether that it is in the context of a rulemaking, saying the FCC should act by such and such a date, or in the context of an adjudication.” He said similarly adding sunset clauses to rules unless they are necessary in the public interest. “I don’t see process reforms like these as partisan and I hope in the coming year we can see some meaningful reforms.”