CTIA on the Spectrum Crunch

Last week, an article in the New York Times seemed to question whether America was really facing what the FCC itself has called a “spectrum crunch.” In response to the article, CTIA’s Jot Carpenter brings up two important points:

1. If there is a viable solution allowing the industry to address the “hockey stick” growth it is experiencing in terms of usage, users and uses, that is more cost efficient and effective than spending billions of dollars that our members have bid for spectrum in previous auctions, wouldn’t our carriers use it?

2. If the spectrum crisis is fabricated, then is there a worldwide conspiracy to perpetuate it? Because around the globe, other countries have moved or are moving to make additional spectrum available for commercial use. So either everyone’s in on it, or — and this is much, much more likely — the whole world is going mobile and other countries are seeing the same demands as the U.S.

For another take, see this post from Richard Bennett of the Information Files.