Looking at Dish’s Plans

Via Andy Vuong of the Denver Post, the FCC is set to tackle Dish’s plans to enter the mobile broadband market this week: The federal rulemaking process that

Announcement of the Day

Apple, which has been sitting on close to $100 billion in cash, announced today what it will be doing with some of that dough. Via Erica Ogg of

Free Broadband, With a Catch

At the Huffington Post, Peter Svensson looks at the return of ‘90s Internet provider NetZero: United Online Inc. announced Monday that it will offer free wireless Internet service

Examining the Verizon Deal

This week, the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights is going to be taking a close look at Verizon’s proposed spectrum-fueled deal with cable

Flashback Friday

This week, let’s take a trip back to 1986, when an amazing new gadget known as the “mobile telephone” could be purchased for the low, low price of

Connecting to Education

In welcome news, the FCC yesterday announced a partnership with education organizations to connect classrooms nationwide to the Internet. The Hill‘s Brendan Sasso has the story: The Leading

Light Dimming for LightSquared

Over at GigaOm, Kevin Fitchard reports beleaguered mobile broadband startup LightSquared has received more bad news: Sprint on Friday terminated its partnership with LightSquared, not only denying the

A Day Before the Senate

Broadcasting & Cable’s John Eggerton reports  a date for a hearing on Verizon’s proposed spectrum deal with cable companies has been set: The Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust subcommittee,

March Madness in Bytes

Beginning a few years ago, every game of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — also known as March Madness — has been streamed online. Last year alone, 13.7

$14 Billion

That’s how far Apple is from being larger than the entire U.S. retail sector when it comes to market cap. Seriously.

Lawsuit of the Day

This is a big one. Yahoo! is suing Facebook for a score of patent infringements. Via Kara Swisher of All Things Digital: In what is either the boldest