A Tentative Deal

The House and Senate appear to have reached a deal on extending the payroll tax cut, and as The Hill‘s Brendan Sasso reports, spectrum auctions are included: The

Boucher in Roll Call

Calls for humbler government are as old as the republic. In this era of frenzied media coverage and hyperpartisan dialogue, few would apply the humble label to anything

Our Mobile Lives

Via Ryan Kim of GigaOm, a new study from Forrester Research reveals just how mobile our lives will soon be: • 1 billion consumers will own smartphones by

The App Economy

A new study from policy group TechNet sheds some light on just how important the mobile app economy — and mobile broadband — are to America’s economy. •

Election Attention

Social networking services like Facebook and Twitter may have gobs of users, but a new report from Pew finds that when it comes to political news during this

Deal of the Day

The online streaming game — currently dominated by Netflix and Hulu — is about to get more crowded, as Verizon and DVD kiosk rental service Redbox have announced

The FCC, Winners, and Losers

At the Wall Street Journal, columnist L. Gordon Crovitz breaks down the current spectrum debate in Washington and calls on the FCC not to pick winners and losers: