What 5G Means 4U Infographic

Check out the new infographic on how 5G technology will enable improved healthcare, unlock new VR opportunities, make driving and construction sites safer, and more.

It’s Time for Leaders of America’s Top Tech Companies to Make Diversity a Priority and Not Just a Promise

The failure to implement a real strategy to diversify the tech workforce is the equivalent of saying tech companies do not have the will to reach this goal. It’s time for the leaders at America’s top tech companies to apply “strategery” and take the necessary measures to fix their diversity disaster once and for all.

Telemedicine Bridges Time and Space to Save Lives

Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients in remote locations using communications technology. And the advances in telemedicine will only grow as we move into a 5G world, benefitting healthcare around the globe and helping to close the urban-rural divide.