Re: Calls for Delaying Business Data Services Reform

The simple and unavoidable truth is that the Business Data Services market is robustly competitive today. Competitive networks now reach almost 99% of business customers. It’s easy for CLECs to compete if they want to: Already, more than 60% of next-generation BDS are provided by CLECs and cable companies, rather than incumbent carriers.

It is deeply ironic that some are now criticizing the FCC for taking ‘quick’ action on BDS reform. A few short months ago, some companies and groups were advocating wrapping up the proceeding by January 1; now, they seek a three-year delay. The facts of competition in the BDS market have not changed.

After 12 years, there is no reason for delay. The FCC has the data to act. If CLECs truly want to participate in this market, it’s time for them to invest and compete by building modern networks, not complain. And it’s time for the FCC to adopt reforms that will encourage investment in modern BDS networks and promote facilities-based competition.