Smartphones Adoption Accelerating

It’s not secret mobile broadband empowered smartphones are taking over, but as Matt Hamblen of Computerworld reports, that takeover is happening quicker than anticipated:

Smartphones are selling faster than previously predicted by IHS iSuppli and will make up more than half of global cell phone shipments next year.

The company updated its prediction Tuesday. Just last year, IHS iSuppli said smartphones would not hit the halfway point of global cell phone shipments until 2015, said Wayne Lam, an analyst for IHS.

IHS now expects smartphones to make up 54% of the overall cell phone market in 2013. They will comprise 46% of the total this year and represented 35% in 2011.

Interesting side note: Last quarter, smartphones were the majority of devices shipped in China — the tune of 44 million. Given the country’s massive population, that’s just scratching the surface.