STELAR Act Reauthorization Should Top Congress’ Year-End List

Roll Call published an op-ed by IIA Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher on October 22, “STELAR Act Reauthorization Should Top Congress’ Year-End List.”  The piece highlights that as many as 870,000 people — most living in rural areas — would lose access to at least some broadcast network signals on their televisions if Congress does not renew the STELAR Act before January 1st.

Rick Boucher Weighs in on the Need for National Internet Privacy Legislation

On October 30, IIA Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher had an op-ed published by East Bay Times and The Mercury News, “Congress Must Act to Stop Balkanization of the Internet.”  Boucher believes that Congress should heed the broad national consensus in support of strong federal privacy protections and pass a bipartisan measure that assures consumers a constant level of protection, regardless of where they happen to be or how they access the internet.

RealClearPolicy also published an opinion piece by Boucher on August 28, “Busting the Millennial Privacy Myth,” which highlights that the privacy concerns of Millennials are nearly as strong as those of individuals who were born before the advent of the digital age.  In his piece, Boucher also highlights a recent national survey conducted by the independent, nonpartisan research firm CivicScience for IIA. The survey, released in July, found that Millennials value their online privacy, are concerned about the security of their personal data and worry that companies holding their personal information aren’t doing enough to protect it.

If you missed news of IIA’s Online Data Privacy survey, you can find more information about the poll on IIA’s website.

Decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals Upholding the FCC’s Open Internet Rules

On October 1, IIA released a statement applauding the U.S. District Court of Appeals decision to uphold the FCC’s repeal of Title II rules. But the ruling that the FCC can’t block state laws unless they conflict with the FCC’s 2018 order— thus allowing rules that differ among all 50 states – could spell disaster for the advancement of the internet.  You can read the Alliance’s full statement here.

IIA Co-Chairman Bruce Mehlman appeared on Yahoo Finance’s “The Ticker” to discuss the court’s decision. His interview streamed live on Yahoo Finance’s homepage on October 1; you can watch the full video here.

Further Reading

IIA Honorary Chairman Boucher also weighed in on the net neutrality issue with a piece published by Multichannel News on August 29, “Only Congress Can End the Net Neutrality War.”  He argues that statutory permanence for internet openness is the only way to end the ongoing uncertainty shrouding the internet ecosystem due to ever-changing rules.

In Other Exciting News

Former Internet Innovation Alliance Co-Chair Larry Irving, who co-founded IIA in 2004 alongside current IIA Co-Chair Bruce Mehlman, was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame on September 27.