10 Ways Being Online Saves You Money 

This month, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) released an updated “Top 10 Ways Being Online Saves You Money” report for 2018.  The analysis looked at important areas of consumer spending and discounts that are available exclusively to internet users, and found that the average American household can save $10,539.09 per year on household spending through use of high-speed internet services.  The financial analysis was authored by Nicholas J. Delgado, certified financial planner and principal of Chicago-based investment bank Dignitas, in partnership with IIA.

You can find the full analysis and infographic on IIA’s 10 Ways Being Online Saves You Money page.

American Consumers Show Strong Interest in Ensuring All Companies Protect Their Data

This year, perhaps as never before, there has been a sharp public focus on the question of online privacy. To examine consumer attitudes about online privacy more scientifically, IIA, in conjunction with Morning Consult, recently conducted a survey on privacy. The survey reaffirms American consumers’ strong interest in ensuring that all companies in the internet ecosystem protect their data on the principle of a level playing field and demonstrates support for federal legislation to protect online consumer privacy and advance open internet requirements. We hope this study will inform public debate on this important question.

You can check out highlights from the survey and an infographic on the IIA site.

IIA Urges Bipartisan Net Neutrality Legislation in Light of CRA’s Failure in Congress

The required number of signatures was not obtained for the net neutrality Congressional Review Act (CRA) to be brought to the floor of the House for a vote. Thus, the action has effectively failed. In light of this development, Internet Innovation Alliance Co-Chairs Rick Boucher, Kim Keenan and Bruce Mehlman released a statement urging Congress to now move forward with bipartisan open internet legislation that also protects consumer privacy.
See the full statement here.

5G Infographics

In November, IIA released two new infographics highlighting the benefits of 5G technology.  The first, 6 Things to Know about 5G, explains what 5G is and how it will fundamentally transform the role that mobile technology plays in society.

The second infographic, What 5G Means 4U, outlines ways that 5G technology will enable improved healthcare, unlock new VR opportunities, and make driving and construction sites safer.

Further Reading

Check out IIA Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher’s op-ed published by Bloomberg Law on December 11, “With Net Neutrality Milestone Reached, What Now?”  In the piece, Boucher says that Congress should seize the opportunity of the death of the CRA resolution to resolve the net neutrality policy debate by enacting bipartisan legislation.

Read IIA Co-Chair Kim Keenan’s op-ed, “A Healthy America is a Connected America,” published by Fierce Healthcare on December 10.  Keenan believes that telemedicine is one of the key opportunities for telecommunications technology to change lives for the better.  Keenan also had a piece published by Morning Consult on November 28, “Americans See the Value in Nationwide Internet Governance Rules.” The piece outlines why it’s good policy to develop an internet governance regime that puts everyone under the same rules whether they are an internet giant like Facebook or an ISP.

Co-Chair Bruce Mehlman authored an op-ed, “Why the 5G Race Matters,” published by The Hill on December 10.  In his piece, Mehlman says that the United States is in an innovation race to 5G against our major economic and technological rivals in a contest that could have more far-reaching effects than the race to the moon.  Mehlman also had an op-ed published by the Washington Times on November 19, “Building on the Broadband Investment Bump.” In 2017, investment in broadband rose by $1.5 billion to $76.3 billion. This reversed a decline of approximately $3.2 billion in 2015-16. What made the difference? Light- touch regulation.