IIA Releases White Paper and Survey Examining American Public Opinion on Internet Privacy

On July 30, the Internet Innovation Alliance issued a white paper, “Concerns About Online Data Privacy Span Generations,” to help inform policymakers about the views of U.S. consumers concerning their online data privacy. The paper examines recent data breaches, reveals the indispensable role the internet plays in the lives of Americans, outlines the history of privacy regulation in the United States, details the accessibility of consumer personal information in the internet ecosystem and unveils new data points resulting from a comprehensive CivicScience survey IIA commissioned in partnership with the Millennial Action Project, Icon Talks and the Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP).

To roll out the poll results, Honorary IIA Chairman Rick Boucher hosted a press teleconference alongside CivicScience CEO John Dick. The call recording, along with Congressman Boucher’s opening remarks, can be found on the report page on IIA’s website.

Boucher had an op-ed published by Morning Consult on July 31, “Are Digital Natives Careless or Cautious With Their Data?” based on the results of the privacy poll.

Additional media coverage included:

IIA Statement on FCC’s “Transforming the 2.5 GHz Band for 5G” Report and Order

On July 10, IIA released a statement commending the Federal Communications Commission for taking action to fuel American leadership in the race to 5G. An overlay auction of the 2.5 GHz EBS spectrum band will allow valuable mid-band spectrum to be freed for flexible use, helping to ensure American global dominance in next-generation connectivity and accelerating transformative technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT).”

You can read the full statement here.

Further Reading

Read IIA Co-Chair Kim Keenan’s op-ed, published by The Grio on July 30, “This is Why Facebook’s $5 billion Fine Doesn’t Mean Your Personal Information Isn’t Still at Risk.” In the wake of several recent data breaches by large companies, Keenan says that it’s time to bring privacy to the forefront of tech policy.

The San Francisco Chronicle published a piece by Rick Boucher on June 26, “Data Privacy Rules Should Create Consistency, Not Chaos.” Boucher says that a single, strong national data privacy standard would provide clear rules for companies to follow while fostering consumer understanding of the privacy assurances that have been extended to them.

IIA Co-Chair Bruce Mehlman had an op-ed published by the Star-Ledger on June 18, “Gottheimer, Others Want a Compromise on Net Neutrality. We Think That’s a good thing, Group Says.”  In the piece, Mehlman says that it’s possible for Congress to enact a net neutrality bill this year, but there is little time to spare. Posturing should give way to negotiating. That’s the only way that both sides of the aisle and both sides of Capitol Hill will be able to point to a real accomplishment: putting core open internet provisions in statute law.

On June 14, Boucher’s op-ed “5G Race, Education Could Get Boost From Educational Broadband Auctions,” was published by Bloomberg Government.  The piece discusses the ways that EBS spectrum can help ensure America wins the global race to 5G.