FCC Should Follow Signposts for Change With Mobile Broadband

Morning Consult

A new survey shows just how fast the market for broadband is changing. Consumers no longer see mobile and fixed internet access alternatives as fundamentally different but use different types of broadband access in similar ways. In other words, mobile and fixed broadband are now functional substitutes.

Mississippi Has a Significant Stake in Outcome of Net Neutrality War

Clarion Ledger

The door is open once again to large-scale broadband investment, but some in Congress are now urging a return of the heavy-handed regulatory treatment imposed on broadband in 2015. That would be a major mistake for the country at large and particularly punishing for broadband investment in our rural regions.

Net Neutrality: Congress Should Step In

Capitol Weekly

Former Congressman Rick Boucher discusses the need for everyone in the internet system to rally around adopting in a statute the core principles of an open internet and strong, uniform privacy protections that apply equally to everyone at every point in the internet continuum.

U.S. Should Lead, Not Follow Europe, on Privacy

The Mercury News

Former Congressman Rick Boucher argues that the practical effect of the privacy rules proposed by former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler would do little to protect Americans on basic privacy issues and be harmful to the advertising business model of internet edge providers.