The FCC Gets Real on Wireless Competition

Morning Consult

It’s good for consumers that there is effective wireless market competition. And it’s good for the country that the FCC’s report is grounded in sound economic analysis.

Net Neutrality: Ending the Game of Political Soccer

Bloomberg BNA

Without Congressional intervention, net neutrality policy will continue in an endless back-and-forth. Every party change at the White House will produce an FCC that shifts net neutrality rules to its favored terms.

New Rules for Old Poles Will Help Close the Digital Divide

Huffington Post

If we are serious about speeding broadband deployment, the FCC has to get into the nitty-gritty questions about access to poles, equipment, contractors, how long the process should take, how providers should be compensated, and similar issues.

When the Perfect Becomes the Enemy of the Good

The Hill

Just as in 1974, when a window existed for bipartisan approval of a sweeping healthcare reform, today’s Congress has an equally promising opportunity to pass legislation putting the net neutrality debate to rest.

In Defense Of Chairman Pai


Originally appointed to the commission by President Obama, Pai is everything that many critics claim Trump nominees should be more of.