When the Perfect Becomes the Enemy of the Good

The Hill

Just as in 1974, when a window existed for bipartisan approval of a sweeping healthcare reform, today’s Congress has an equally promising opportunity to pass legislation putting the net neutrality debate to rest.

In Defense Of Chairman Pai


Originally appointed to the commission by President Obama, Pai is everything that many critics claim Trump nominees should be more of.

Closing the Economic Divide is the Next Chapter of Black History


The next generation of progress for African Americans will be economic, particularly eliminating income and wealth inequality. Entrepreneurship and high-quality, high-paying jobs will be an important part of that solution, and increasing access to high-speed broadband will make closing the gaps easier.

Mad Men Really Did Move West

Broadcasting & Cable

Over at Broadcasting & Cable, our Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher has an op-ed on how Silicon Valley is the “new capital of content.”

The Pro-Consumer Data Free-For-All

The Hill

It’s actually pretty easy to understand sponsored-data programs: In essence, wireless carriers are working with content providers, who have a clear interest in promoting their own content. It seems little different than any other marketing program, whether a fast-food chain promoting a new movie or matching a competitor’s coupons at...