IIA Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher and IIA Co-Chairman Bruce Mehlman recently had an op-ed published by Bloomberg Law on how making broadband accessible and affordable across the country would help President Biden with his top priorities of fighting Covid-19 and improving the economy. An excerpt:

Universal broadband lessens the economic burdens and health risks of the pandemic by enabling people to work, shop, and play from the safety of their homes. Telework, telehealth, online learning—all are only possible with broadband. The more universal broadband becomes, the more people will be able to reduce exposure to Covid-19—and potential future pandemics and other unforeseen circumstances—while contributing to the nation’s economic success.

But far too many people in both urban and rural areas remain disconnected. In February 2020, Broadband Now Research estimated that 42 million Americans do not have access to wired or fixed wireless broadband. Across rural America, counties where less than 50% of the population has broadband available are commonplace. In communities where broadband is available, millions of families find it unaffordable.

Read the full piece at Bloomberg Law.

Originally published at Bloomberg Law