Gottheimer, Others Want a Compromise on Net Neutrality. We Think That’s a good thing, Group Says

It’s entirely possible for Congress to enact a net neutrality bill this year, but there is little time to spare. Posturing should give way to negotiating. That’s the only way that both sides of the aisle and both sides of Capitol Hill will be able to point to a real accomplishment: putting core open internet provisions in statute law.

It’s Fitting that Congress is Focused on Accelerating Our 5G Future

Because 5G is so much more powerful than the previous generations of mobile technology, the need for spectrum to take advantage of 5G’s potential is likewise more complex. Congress can help by passing the AIRWAVES Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the last Congress which would establish a schedule for future spectrum auctions over the next five years to help ensure U.S. preeminence in 5G.