IIA Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher recently had an op-ed published by TechCrunch on how to improve the Lifeline program and rebuild it to ensure that it fulfills its original intention and reaches America’s neediest. An excerpt:

“If you build it, they will come” is a mantra that’s been repeated for more than three decades to embolden action. The line from “Field of Dreams” is a powerful saying, but I might add one word: “If you build it well, they will come.”

America’s Lifeline program, a monthly subsidy designed to help low-income families afford critical communications services, was created with the best intentions. The original goal was to achieve universal telephone service, but it has fallen far short of achieving its potential as the Federal Communications Commission has attempted to convert it to a broadband-centric program.

Read the full piece at TechCrunch.

Originally published at TechCrunch