IIA Co-Chairwoman Kim Keenan recently had an op-ed published in The Hill on the need to compromise on a bipartisan net neutrality bill that guarantees no blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization—the core net neutrality principles. An excerpt:

Two United States senators finally decided to take action to pull us out of the net neutrality vortex. For over a decade, open internet policy has been lost in a circular loop that twirls endlessly but never gets anywhere. Sen. Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, are ignoring the gridlock that is Washington to put the net neutrality issue to rest. And may it rest in peace, forever this time.

Ignoring the faux urgency around the ill-named Save the Internet Act, Wicker and Sinema thoughtfully formed a bipartisan, net neutrality working group late last year. Last week, at the annual State of the Net conference, Senator Wicker announced: “Through the Wicker-Sinema working group process, it has become clear that there is more agreement on this issue than you might think. Most of us would agree that any legislative proposal should protect consumers, increase transparency, promote broader access to internet services and ensure that content from different sources is treated fairly.” Wicker pointedly stated the need for “uniform rules of the road for all internet companies.” The ISP-only focus is not only outdated, but it doesn’t even make sense in the modern world. It’s like regulating the highway’s Model Ts when everyone has a Tesla.

Read the full piece at The Hill.

Originally published at The Hill