The Expected Shakeup

As January 20 rapidly approaches, the future look of the Federal Communications Commission remains cloudy.

The Next Four Years

With the Trump administration set to begin shortly, both The Hill and the Free State Foundation have offered thoughts on what the next four years may hold for the Federal Communications Commission and communications technology.

Op-eds The Hill

Op-eds The Hill

The Pro-Consumer Data Free-For-All

It’s actually pretty easy to understand sponsored-data programs: In essence, wireless carriers are working with content providers, who have a clear interest in promoting their own content. It seems little different than any other marketing program, whether a fast-food chain promoting a new movie or matching a competitor’s coupons at a grocery store.

Special Reports

10 Ways Being Online Saves You Money

Encouraging investment in 5G technology that will extend broadband to all Americans, from urban centers to rural areas, should be a top priority for policymakers. It’s also important that we show people how the internet is useful in their everyday lives. Luckily, the value of saving money is a major benefit with which everyone can identify.

Press Releases

IIA Report: American Households Can Save More Than $11,000/yr With Broadband Tools, Mobile Apps, Online Offerings and Virtual Marketplaces

High-speed internet offers significant opportunities to save on holiday spending, including travel, gift-buying and entertaining WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 21, 2016 – The average American household can save about $11,218.98 annually on household spending using broadband, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) today announced. Before factoring in the average annual cost of a mobile data plan... Read more »

Op-eds Bloomberg BNA

Op-eds Bloomberg BNA

Leaving Rural America Behind

The FCC’s plan will impose price regulation on certain aspects of the BDS market and threaten it for others. The question that concerns me is whether the FCC’s action will make that investment easier or harder.