Talking Cybersecurity

This week’s State of the Net panel on cybersecurity, timely-named “Cyber Security Under Trump: Stopping the Hacks,” examined how the new Administration could go about addressing the increasing need for a stiffer digital defense.

New Chairman in Town

Long rumored — and now made official — President Trump has named FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai the next Chairman.

Embracing Reform

"The incoming Donald Trump Administration is said to have signed off on an approach to remaking the Federal Communications Commission offered by the FCC transition team majority."

The Expected Shakeup

As January 20 rapidly approaches, the future look of the Federal Communications Commission remains cloudy.

The Next Four Years

With the Trump administration set to begin shortly, both The Hill and the Free State Foundation have offered thoughts on what the next four years may hold for the Federal Communications Commission and communications technology.

Op-eds The Hill

Op-eds The Hill

The Pro-Consumer Data Free-For-All

It’s actually pretty easy to understand sponsored-data programs: In essence, wireless carriers are working with content providers, who have a clear interest in promoting their own content. It seems little different than any other marketing program, whether a fast-food chain promoting a new movie or matching a competitor’s coupons at a grocery store.