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10 Ways Being Online Saves You Money

Encouraging investment in 5G technology that will extend broadband to all Americans, from urban centers to rural areas, should be a top priority for policymakers. It’s also important that we show people how the internet is useful in their everyday lives. Luckily, the value of saving money is a major benefit with which everyone can identify.

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IIA Report: American Households Can Save More Than $11,000/yr With Broadband Tools, Mobile Apps, Online Offerings and Virtual Marketplaces

High-speed internet offers significant opportunities to save on holiday spending, including travel, gift-buying and entertaining WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 21, 2016 – The average American household can save about $11,218.98 annually on household spending using broadband, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) today announced. Before factoring in the average annual cost of a mobile data plan... Read more »

Op-eds Bloomberg BNA

Op-eds Bloomberg BNA

Leaving Rural America Behind

The FCC’s plan will impose price regulation on certain aspects of the BDS market and threaten it for others. The question that concerns me is whether the FCC’s action will make that investment easier or harder.

Special Reports

Special Access (or BDS) Regulations

A lot has changed since 1996. But one thing that hasn’t changed are so-called “Special Access” or Business Data Services (BDS) regulations. Below is a collection of IIA’s work on Special Access/BDSs and how the FCC should take a smart and sensible approach when it comes to regulations.

Statements From IIA Leadership on Tech Policy Moving Forward

From Congressman Boucher: “The first order of business for the new FCC should be a return to the bi-partisan light regulatory oversight of broadband launched during the Clinton administration. The decision to treat broadband as an information service unleashed a wave of investment in internet infrastructure that enabled our communications network to become the envy... Read more »

Op-eds The Hill

Op-eds The Hill

America’s Investment Heroes are Going it Alone

If there has been one constant in my observations of the telecom industry, it is this: Policies that lead to regulatory uncertainty will deter investment. Now, the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) is out with its fifth annual report on investment in the U.S., and the news is not good. The headline number is that the... Read more »

Mehlman on the FCC and Regulating Nearly Obsolete Technology

Originally published at The Street. FCC’s Rush to Regulate Nearly Obsolete Technology Hurts Broadband by Bruce Mehlman When does deregulation become re-regulation? To watch this happen in real time, take a close look at the Federal Communications Commission, which is poised to re-impose price regulation on a market for a nearly obsolete technology at its... Read more »

Rick Boucher on the FCC’s New Privacy Rules

The FCC’s new privacy rules board up the windows while leaving the doors unlocked. Rather than expanding the definition of sensitive data to include all web browsing and app usage history, the FCC should adopt the FTC’s more sensible framework as the privacy requirements for ISPs so the entire internet ecosystem is governed by the... Read more »