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Broadband Deployment to All Americans
at IIA Symposium

University of Texas Medical Branch Professor Unveils New Telemedicine Study

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 13, 2011 – The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) is today holding a Symposium, titled “Deploying Next Generation Broadband to All Americans,” at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The event begins at 9:00 a.m. ET and will be livestreamed via the IIA website at Our nation’s first Hispanic Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Henry Rivera will make closing remarks at noon ET.

The discussion will focus on the benefits of expanding wireless broadband availability across America and will address questions like “How will increased investment in mobile broadband infrastructure impact job creation and the economy?” and “How will expanded access to mobile broadband create new opportunities for business, education and healthcare, particularly in rural communities?”

In addition to participation from leaders of the Alliance, such as Rick Boucher, former Virginia Congressman, chair of the Subcommittee on Communications and the Internet and cofounder of the Congressional Internet Caucus, speakers will include:

  • Edward G. Rendell, Partner, Ballard Spahr LLP, Former Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Lindsey C. Holmes, CEO/ Lead Strategist, LCH Business
  • John Mayo, Executive Director, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy
  • Catharine McNally, Founder and President, Keen Guides, Inc.
  • Susan Solovic, CEO and Co-Founder,
  • Dr. Alexander Vo, Executive Director, University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Telehealth Research and Policy
  • David Vivero, Co-founder and CEO of RentJuice, provider of a dynamic online marketing platform for real estate professionals
  • Jessica Zufolo, Deputy Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

“The Obama Administration has shown that it recognizes the importance of achieving universal broadband by setting a goal of reaching 98 percent of Americans with this technology within five years,” said Jamal Simmons, IIA Co-Chairman.. “The time to capitalize on this momentum and push forward with expanding access to high-speed Internet is now. We are thrilled to bring together insightful public leaders, academics and entrepreneurs to share lessons learned and ideas on America’s best way forward.”

During the Symposium, Dr. Alexander Vo will reveal the findings of his new whitepaper, “Benefits of Telemedicine in Remote Communities and Use of Mobile and Wireless Platforms in Healthcare,” a topic explored on behalf of the IIA. The research finds that the use of telecommunications technologies and connectivity has impacted real-world patients, particularly those in remote communities – and has translated into observable outcomes such as a) improved access to specialists, b) increased patient satisfaction with care, c) improved clinical outcomes, d) reduction in emergency room utilization, and e) cost savings.

Vo’s examinations include, for example, the telehealth-related possibilities associated with mobile platforms, such as modern smartphones, which can be connected wirelessly to physiologic monitors worn on a patient’s body or embedded into a patient’s garment. Read this whitepaper from the University of Texas Medical Branch Center in its entirety.

“Given the many benefits of telemedicine and the proven efficacy of health information technologies, there are boundless opportunities for innovation and implementation of new and advanced platforms for service delivery in the healthcare space,” said Bruce Mehlman, IIA co-chair and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy. “Next generation wireless broadband like 4G technology unlocks entrepreneurial possibilities and is key to societal progress across the board – from the field of healthcare to education and business.”