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Hearings Highlight Harbingers of the Coming Exaflood

WASHINGTON D.C. – May 9, 2007 – The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) today applauded Chairman Markey and his Committee’s leadership in highlighting the latest internet-based video technologies during his Digital Future hearings.“We applaud Chairman Markey’s leadership in highlighting emerging internet technologies,” said Larry Irving, co-chairman of the IIA and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the Clinton Administration. “Video innovations have revolutionized the internet, but they also present great challenges to the internet infrastructure of today.”As consumer usage of video applications continues to grow annually, the demand for bandwidth is growing exponentially.  The internet will soon face an exaflood of digital data largely as a result of the proliferation of video applications which consume far more bandwidth than e-mail, search and other text-based applications have used.  For example, YouTube uses as much bandwidth today as the entire internet consumed in the year 2000.  Users daily upload 65,000 new videos and download 100 million files, a 1,000 percent increase from just one year ago. While the popularity of internet video is on the rise, downloading a single half-hour television show consumes more internet bandwidth than receiving 200 e-mails a day for a full year, and downloading a single high-definition movie consumes as much bandwidth as 35,000 web pages.“Congress is rightly examining the exciting new technologies that make the internet a critical component of the global economy,” said Bruce Mehlman, co-chairman of the IIA and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the George W. Bush Administration.  “If we meet the challenges of the coming exaflood with well-thought policy, we can ensure that the internet continues to drive growth, opportunity and our national competitiveness.”The Internet Innovation Alliance.The IIA, a broad-based coalition of non-profit organizations and businesses committed to widespread usage and availability of broadband, is working to educate consumers, business leaders and policy makers on the looming exaflood and how to successfully prepare for it. 

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