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More extreme Internet regulations would have hindered investment and forestalled growth

WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 1, 2010 – Based on reports about a forthcoming order from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) – a broad-based coalition supporting broadband availability and access for all Americans – today released the following statement applauding the Commission for pursuing a reasonable middle ground on the net neutrality issue and rejecting extreme regulations like Title II that would stifle growth and investment in the broadband ecosystem:

“The Chairman deserves a lot of credit for proceeding so thoughtfully and choosing a commonsense compromise in the face of hyper-partisan brinksmanship,” said Internet Innovation Alliance Co-Chairman David Sutphen. “By finally turning the page on this issue, the FCC can now focus its attention on the National Broadband Plan and achieving universal access and adoption, as well as fostering broadband innovation and investment.”

Added IIA Co-Chairman Bruce Mehlman, “We continue to see new regulations largely as a solution in search of a problem.  However, today’s proposal seems to be the most effective option for reducing regulatory uncertainty in the broadband marketplace, enabling more widespread investment and deployment that will ultimately benefit consumers and our economy.”