Press Releases

The Internet Innovation Alliance released the statement below responding to Senator Markey’s press conference about his CRA to reverse the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order.

Rather than look backward, IIA encourages Congress to look ahead and forge a bipartisan legislative solution, and make permanent open internet protections for our nation’s consumers and small businesses.

The restoration of utility-style Title II broadband regulations that stifled investment in high-speed internet networks and hindered the deployment of cutting-edge, next-generation broadband applications and services enjoyed by Americans nationwide is a backward step. IIA believes that internet openness guarantees should be provided, and Title II common carrier regulation is not the best way to assure those protections.

That’s why we support a legislative compromise that will codify open internet rules, protect consumers, treat all internet players consistently and give investors the certainty they need to expand high-speed broadband networks across our nation, particularly to unserved and underserved areas.”