Press Releases

The Internet Innovation Alliance just released the following statement on FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr’s CTA 5G Day speech today, which unveiled a new plan to advance 5G deployment in the U.S.:

IIA welcomes FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr’s announcement that the agency will initiate further action to speed the deployment of small cell technology and help facilitate next-generation high-speed mobile broadband service around the nation. By eliminating unnecessary regulatory delays and barriers that apply only to wireless deployments, the FCC will take a major step towards a uniform policy that will accelerate advanced broadband deployments of all types. Today’s small cells are simply not the cell towers of past generations of deployments, and updating these regulations is both appropriate and necessary. Small cells will form the backbone of the future national 5G network; in the meantime, these deployments will increase capacity for America’s consumers and businesses in areas that badly need it. We thank Commissioner Carr for his work on this issue and look forward to the vote by the full Commission.”