IIA Statement on the FCC’s Proposed Reform of Business Data Services

IIA congratulates Chairman Pai on his leadership and dedication to align FCC regulation with the competitive state of the nation’s 21st century business data services market. Today, the Chairman essentially asks the agency to reaffirm its 2007 decision to promote facilities-based competition and not regulate competitive Ethernet services. The wisdom of that decision is reflected by the growth in competition for these high-speed data services during the past decade, particularly from new entrants such as cable. Today, over 95 percent of census blocks in areas with special access demand already have a choice of two or more providers. Those areas contain 99 percent of businesses. Some areas boast more than 20 competitive providers. We applaud the Chairman for seeking to recalibrate ‘price cap’ regulation on antiquated legacy business data services. We believe that this move will go a long way towards boosting the innovation and investment that America’s business data customers need.

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