Press Releases

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) released the following statement regarding the FCC’s vote today at its Open Meeting on the Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom order:

“Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) successfully repealed the heavy-handed, utility-style regulations levied on broadband in 2015. We congratulate the agency for returning the nation’s governance of high-speed broadband back to a framework—originally initiated by the Clinton Administration—that promotes investment, innovation and economic growth.

Contrary to opponents’ claims, rolling back utility-style regulation of broadband will not impact free speech, the ability of entrepreneurs to enter the market, or the freedom of consumers to visit the websites or use the internet devices of their choosing. Instead, as we have long argued, elimination of Title II will positively impact efforts to close the digital divide by encouraging the investment necessary to build and deploy high-speed mobile and wired internet networks to America’s unserved and underserved communities.

In light of today’s action, IIA stands ready to work with Congress and interested stakeholders on bipartisan legislation that codifies core open internet guarantees, treats all internet players consistently and provides certainty for investors to deploy needed expansions of broadband networks. A legislative compromise can both solidify broadband’s information services status and provide statutory permanence for ensuring that 21st century broadband protects consumers and continues to remain free and open.”