The House Committee on Energy & Commerce held a full-Committee markup this morning that included H.R. 1644, known as the Save the Internet Act. Below are two quotes on the legislation – one from IIA Founding Co-Chair Bruce Mehlman and the other from IIA Honorary Chair Rick Boucher.

IIA Founding Co-Chair Bruce Mehlman:

The best way to save the internet is not the Save the Internet Act. Insisting on utility-era Title II regulatory classification of broadband is both bad policy and a formula for congressional inaction. By contrast, we see a real opportunity to advance a bipartisan legislative solution consistent with the net neutrality position Democrats held in 2010 and Republicans increasingly embrace today.”

IIA Honorary Chair Rick Boucher:

Bipartisan compromise to ensure open internet principles should be the focus of Congress, rather than the Save the Internet Act. Three Republican bills have embraced the core net neutrality protections that Democrats have for so long and so strongly advocated. This 180-degree pivot by Republicans creates the best opening for a bipartisan net neutrality bill that we have seen since the debate began 15 years ago.”