Press Releases

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) released the following statement on the Senate CRA vote to reinstate Title II regulation of broadband:

The Internet Innovation Alliance supports an open internet. Unfortunately, today’s vote in the Senate does not advance it. Nor will the Senate action enhance consumers’ privacy online, promote additional protections for America’s consumers or get us out of the hyper-political, excessively-partisan maneuvering that has taken far too much time, energy, and resources away from advancing broadband across America.

Reverting to the old ‘Title II’ treatment of broadband under monopoly-style rules would actually hurt consumer privacy by eliminating the FTC’s role in overseeing Internet Service Provider consumer privacy protections. Instead of consumers having one expectation of privacy no matter where they are on the internet or how they access it, today’s CRA action would return us to a patchwork system under which some companies are treated more severely. It would place some companies under the authority of the FCC and others under the authority of the FTC. Moreover, as the recent, failed two-year experiment with Title II regulation of broadband established, internet investment will suffer at the very time when it is urgently needed to achieve the promise of 5G technology and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

The best way forward is clear. Congress can enact, this year, a bipartisan bill to further an open internet based on clear principles to which everyone should agree: No blocking of legitimate online content; no throttling based on content; no censorship or unfair discrimination based on content; and a robust privacy regime equally applicable to everyone in the internet ecosystem, enforced by the expert consumer protection agency, the FTC. These principles are clear, simple, and the foundation of a truly open internet.”