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WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 26, 2009 – The “IIA Broadband Fact Book,” a comprehensive new online resource featuring hundreds of broadband facts and statistics from more than 60 studies published over the past two years, is now available from the Internet Innovation Alliance.  The easy-to-navigate Web site is designed to be a convenient, one-of-a-kind research tool with information from the best available sources on broadband.  To view and bookmark the site, link to:

“Informed policy makers make the best policy,” said Bruce Mehlman, Internet Innovation Alliance co-chair.  “We have assembled the most current comprehensive list of facts and stats on broadband to aid government officials, community leaders and researchers trying to bring the power of high speed internet to bear on our nation’s greatest challenges.”

Separated into areas of interest, the Internet Innovation Alliance’s Broadband Fact Book allows for easy navigation with a helpful search function to locate all data related to a specific word search.  The search categories include:

  • Broadband Adoption
  • Broadband Traffic
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Other
  • Poverty
  • Telework

Samples of the diverse statistics available at include:

  • eCommerce generates 36% less conventional air pollutants than conventional shopping. – American Consumer Institute 2007
  • A 7% increase in broadband adoption could result in $92 billion through 2.4 million jobs created or saved annually. – Connected Nation 2008
  • Broadband-based remote monitoring for all chronically ill patients could reduce hospital, outpatient, and drug expenses by 30% – reducing overall health care expenses for the U.S. by roughly 25% or about $350 billion annually. – Robert E. Litan

The Fact Book will continually evolve and be updated as new broadband data become available.  Interested parties can upload facts, statistics and studies for inclusion.

“Broadband can positively impact everything from employment to the environment to health care.  It will be a key driver in the revival of the economy,” said Mehlman.  “The IIA Web site is an important educational tool, but we also hope it’s an interactive one, allowing researchers and experts to add additional facts to a growing body of knowledge.” In addition to the IIA Broadband Fact Book, the Internet Innovation Alliance has unveiled a new Web site with improved functionality, intuitive navigation, interactive content, and a daily blog and discussion forum about broadband, called “The Podium.”  The Web site is designed to be a critical resource for learning about broadband deployment and usage as well as the benefits of broadband adoption.

The Internet Innovation Alliance, founded by Mehlman and Larry Irving five years ago, recently began the IIA Broadband Ambassadors initiative.  This diverse group of leaders in health care, education, technology and the environment are helping to educate our country on the great economic, cultural and social benefits facilitated by broadband.  To read about the IIA Broadband Ambassadors visit the Broadband Ambassadors.