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Hearings on Broadband in America an Opportunity to Prepare for the Coming Exaflood

WASHINGTON D.C. – April 23, 2007 – The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) today challenged Congress to help the nation better prepare for the coming exaflood of digital data as both the Senate Commerce and House Energy and Commerce Committees prepare to conduct hearings tomorrow on Broadband competitiveness and the Digital Future of the United States.“The exponential explosion in digital content must be matched with smarter networks that will more efficiently get it to our homes, business and schools.” said Larry Irving, co-chairman of the IIA and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the Clinton Administration. “As Americans address the state of broadband and how to prepare for the coming exaflood, we challenge Congress to promote policies governed by three bipartisan principles.”

  • Promote investment in content, upgrades of infrastructure, and innovation in Internet technologies and applications;
  • Protect consumers by maximizing competition among service providers and technologies to ensure lower prices and broadband access for all communities;
  • Limit government control through permanent extension of the Internet tax moratorium and by reducing exorbitant taxation of service providers.

The demand for bandwidth is growing dramatically, largely because of a surge in video applications, which consume far more bandwidth than e-mail, search and other text-based applications that have previously made up the bulk of on-line activity. YouTube uses as much bandwidth today as the entire Internet consumed in the year 2000. Users daily upload 65,000 new videos and download 100 million files, a 1,000 percent increase from just one year ago.

Even as we expand network capacity to handle the surge in bandwidth demand, we also must accelerate its efforts to deliver high quality broadband to every part of the United States. According to the OECD, the United States has dropped to 16th place in terms of speed, access and competitive pricing of broadband services among nations ranked; a dismal grade for the nation that invented the internet.

“We need to reform industrial era tax and telecom policies for the Internet age,” said Bruce Mehlman, co-chairman of the IIA and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the George W. Bush Administration. “This new era of technology augurs great things for our economy and our nation. However, the future will require ongoing investment and relentless innovation, and Congress has a critical role to play.”

The Internet Innovation Alliance

The IIA, a broad-based coalition of non-profit organizations and businesses committed to widespread usage and availability of broadband, is working to educate consumers, business leaders and policy makers on the looming exaflood and how to successfully prepare for it.

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