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IIA: NPRM a distraction from advancing National Broadband Plan

True threats to the free and open Internet more likely to be exacerbated by proposed Internet regulations than solved

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 26, 2010 – The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), a broad-based coalition supporting broadband availability and access for all Americans, today released the following statement on its reply comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding feedback to the Net Neutrality Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM):

“At this decisive moment in the American broadband revolution, we should strive to give greater certainty to telecom investors and innovators and rally support to the collective push for universal access and adoption, rather than advancing divisive regulations that increase investors’ uncertainty. Because marketplace realities do not necessitate new Internet rules at this time, we urge the FCC to shelve such regulations and devote all of its energies toward advancing the National Broadband Plan.

“The two greatest risks to a free and open Internet in the future come from escalating cyber-security-related attacks and insufficient bandwidth to support 50 million new customers and ever-more-robust applications. Not only would the regulations envisioned in this NRPM leave ISPs with their hands tied, potentially unable to adequately manage networks to address these challenges, but they are precisely the sort of investment-killers that could undermine the National Broadband Plan and limit its success.

“Broadband offers great potential to increase domestic employment, according to multiple experts across the political spectrum. Recent studies, by contrast, suggest good new jobs could be lost in the face of greater uncertainty caused by heavier regulation. 

“The White House recently hosted a Forum on Workplace Flexibility, where President Obama stressed the importance of bringing telecommuting opportunities to communities that need new jobs and advocated expanding teleworking opportunities for federal employees, underscoring the necessity of increased broadband connectivity. The IIA strongly believes this important goal can be achieved with the help of the National Broadband Plan, which has potential to make a positive and powerful impact, provided it is not accompanied by heavy new regulations that threaten to chill investment when we need it most.”


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The Internet Innovation Alliance is a broad-based coalition of business and non-profit organizations that aim to ensure every American, regardless of race, income or geography, has access to the critical tool that is broadband Internet. The IIA seeks to promote public policies that support equal opportunity for universal broadband availability and adoption so that everyone, everywhere can seize the benefits of the Internet – from education to health care, employment to community building, civic engagement and beyond.

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