IIA Statement Thanking IIA Co-Chair Jamal Simmons for His Years of Service

Jamal Simmons is leaving the Internet Innovation Alliance for a new digital media opportunity. He served as an organization co-chair for 6 years. As co-chair, Jamal was focused on IIA goals to expand broadband access for students, entrepreneurs and consumers. His co-chairs and the IIA staff thank Jamal for his valuable contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors!

IIA Statement on FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” Vote

Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) successfully repealed the heavy-handed, utility-style regulations levied on broadband in 2015. We congratulate the agency for returning the nation’s governance of high-speed broadband back to a framework—originally initiated by the Clinton Administration—that promotes investment, innovation and economic growth.

IIA Report: Average American Gig Economy Worker Sees Triple Return on Investment in Home & Mobile Broadband Connectivity

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) finds that the average American household can now save more than $12,000 per year on household spending through use of high-speed internet services, according to its latest Cost Campaign analysis. IIA’s new supplemental whitepaper, “The Multiplier Effect of Broadband and the Income of American Households,” also examines how broadband helps generate income for Americans, particularly via the sharing economy.

Restoring Internet Freedom – IIA Reply Comments to the FCC

Today, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) filed reply comments in the FCC’s Internet Freedom proceeding in support of the agency’s proposal to reinstate the information service classification of broadband service and return to the long-standing, bi-partisan, light-touch regulatory framework that propelled exponential internet growth for nearly two decades.