Press Releases

The Technology Industry’s Role in Achieving Our Nation’s Economic Goals

What: Press Teleconference hosted by the Internet Innovation Alliance
When: Friday, September 9th at 11:00am ET
Where: Dial-in (RSVP for call-in information)
Why: Provide analysis of and reactions to President Obama’s Thursday, Sept. 8 policy speech on job creation and the economy

Former FCC Commissioner Henry Rivera, political analyst Jamal Simmons, and informal advisor to the Obama presidential campaign Broderick Johnson will respond to Thursday evening’s Presidential Address on job creation and the economy. These leaders of the Internet Innovation Alliance will assess the Administration’s plan for generating and protecting jobs in America, the feasibility of achieving these goals through President Obama’s policy proposal and the technology industry’s potential role in leading our nation to economic recovery. Members of the media will have the opportunity to present questions during the conference call, and questions may also be submitted beforehand to [email protected] Speakers will include:

  • Henry Rivera, former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner and strategic counsel to the IIA
  • Jamal Simmons, political analyst for CNN and CBS News, co-chairman of the IIA
  • Broderick Johnson, informal advisor to the Obama presidential campaign in 2008, primary liaison to the House of Representatives in the Clinton White House, senior advisor to the IIA