Press Releases

In response to the FCC’s adoption of the Restoring Internet Freedom NPRM at its Open Meeting today, the Internet Innovation Alliance issued the following statement:

Today’s action at the Federal Communications Commission launches a rulemaking process designed to bring an end to monopoly-style Title II regulation of broadband. IIA is pleased to see the Commission remove these onerous rules, but the time has come to find a bipartisan legislative solution that preserves an open internet.

After years of uncertainty over the future of the internet, the see-saw rulemaking we have seen between Republican and Democratic-led Commissions must end. It is time for a bipartisan legislative solution that protects consumers, preserves competition and encourages investment and innovation.

We look forward to actively engaging the Commission in advancing the public interest benefits of spurring greater investment in next-generation, high-speed broadband through a consistent light-touch regulatory framework that ensures an open internet for all Americans.

Going forward, it is time for Congress to end the political ping-pong associated with the open internet rules by adopting legislation that would cement both pro-investment policies and net neutrality assurances firmly into law.