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Washington, D.C. – October 30, 2008 – Strengthening the call for a national broadband strategy; a simple, coherent set of goals that complement and accelerate the efforts in the marketplace to achieve universal adoption of high speed Internet, seven new leaders joined the Internet Innovation Alliance’s Broadband Ambassador program today. The new ambassadors hail from a wide range of professional backgrounds, with their common tie being each one’s enthusiastic support for increased Internet broadband usage, penetration and development.

Launched in July 2008, the IIA Broadband Ambassador program is a campaign to expand awareness and help government leaders understand the need for universal broadband availability and adoption. The program enlists the participation of notable business executives, elected officials and academics across key areas including health care, education and technology. These prominent individuals advocate the importance of national broadband as a means to promote quality of life, as well as for the United States to retain a leadership role in Internet innovation.

The seven new IIA Broadband Ambassadors represent a diverse spectrum of talent. The ambassadors are:

* Phil Bond – President and CEO, Information Technology

Association of America (ITAA)

* Doug Glucroft – former GC, Ziff Davis Media; Partner at Nixon


* Tony Navarra – Globalstar; President and CEO, Legg Strategies;

Former RUS Administrator

* Jeff Atkinson – former Director of Business Operations at

NeuStar, Inc.; Technology and Telecommunications Consultant

* George Tronsrue – Chairman of the Board, Single Pipe

* Mike Volpi – CEO, Joost

* Ryan Weurch – CEO, Motricity

“We are thrilled about the addition of these new voices in the cause for promoting a National Broadband Strategy,” said Larry Irving, co-chair of the IIA. “Each of these individuals possess a depth of knowledge in his or her area of expertise that is directly connected to broadband’s transformative capabilities within that field.”

The seven new IIA Broadband Ambassadors join an impressive roster of existing participants including: Gary Smith, CEO of Ciena Corp.; Dr.

David Brailer, Chairman of Health Evolution Partners; Tom Rogers, CEO of TIVO; Bruce Hahn, President of the American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance and the American Homeowners Foundation; Michael Gallagher, CEO of Entertainment Software Association; Brian Mefford, CEO of ConnectedNation; Russell S. Lewis, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at VeriSign, Inc.; Mark McLaughlin, Former Executive Vice President at VeriSign, Inc.; Craig Moffett, Senior Analyst at Sanford Bernstein; and Bret Swanson, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Global Innovation at The Progress & Freedom Foundation.

“Working together, public and private leaders can restore U.S. primacy in Internet technologies and ensure the benefits of true broadband reach all Americans,” said Bruce Mehlman, co-chair of the IIA. “In addition to direct economic benefits such as job generation, broadband adoption promotes education, reduces healthcare costs and curbs greenhouse gas emissions.”

Reason for a National Broadband Strategy was further bolstered by a ConnectedNation study suggesting that just a 7 percent increase in broadband adoption could lead to $134 billion per year of direct benefit to the American economy. The new Broadband Ambassadors are evidence for the increasing recognition of the importance of broadband development and adoption among prominent leaders across various sectors of business and government.

The IIA has started an online petition to build support for the need for such a Strategic vision and plan. To sign the IIA National Broadband Strategy Petition, link to