Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 15, 2009 – The Internet Innovation Alliance, a broad-based coalition supporting the call for a National Broadband Strategy, today released the following statement in support of President-elect Barack Obama’s push to increase the availability of affordable broadband:

“As the country continues to face tough economic challenges we commend President-elect Barack Obama for his desire to make greater broadband deployment a key part of his plan to revive the economy. Stimulus investments in broadband are a valuable first step toward a comprehensive national broadband effort and should jump start a strategic assessment of how to get where we need to go.  Obama has shown tremendous foresight in recognizing the need for more comprehensive deployment and his belief that America should lead the world in broadband penetration and Internet access.

“Investing in Broadband expansion is good for our economy and key to our future competitiveness.  Investment in America’s IT infrastructure will create jobs immediately and stimulate the innovation needed for future economic expansion.  Additionally, a seven percent increase in broadband adoption could result in $134 billion in annual economic benefit to the American economy and over two million permanent, private sector jobs. As the President-elect has acknowledged, Broadband is key to America’s future: it will fuel the new economy, help modernize the health sector through telemedicine, our education system through e-learning and our environment through telecommuting.  We applaud the President-elect for his push to turn broadband into an affordable, accessible engine of economic development,” said IIA Co-Chairman Bruce Mehlman.

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) is dedicated to expanding awareness about the need for universal broadband availability and adoption. The coalition recently embarked on a campaign to help decision makers understand this need, assembling a diverse group of top voices on health care, education,  technology and the environment to help move our country closer to realizing the great economic, cultural and social benefits facilitated by the broadband platform.