Special Reports

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) offers this submission in response to your
Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) issued on October 22, 2009. IIA is a
broad-based coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and trade
associations that aims to ensure every American benefits from broadband
Internet regardless of race, income or geography. IIA has long supported a
comprehensive national broadband strategy to complement market efforts to
achieve universal broadband availability and adoption.

In summary, the IIA believes this NPRM is an unnecessary distraction from the
more significant and needed policy initiatives at this crucial time in the
development of the National Broadband Plan mandated by Congress. Indeed,
the Commission’s recent request for an extension of time to deliver a final Plan
only underscores the need for the agency to devote more – not less – attention
and resources to completing a national broadband strategy.