Consumer Preferences Tilting Towards Mobile Broadband

IIA believes that now is the right time for the FCC to update and modernize its approach to reporting to Congress on the deployment of advanced telecommunications capability. Because consumers perceive and use mobile and fixed broadband services in essentially the same way, the FCC should now consider mobile and fixed broadband services “functional substitutes” and report to Congress accordingly.

Stick With What Works

Over at Mobile Future, Jonathan Spalter looks at the future of wireless and finds that as mobile video consumption contines to boom, fiber-based networks will become more and

Ads in Today’s Age

At Mashable, T.L. Stanley has an interesting look at how advertising — especially with the rise of mobile broadband — has drastically changed in the past decade: Because

Boosting Mobile Broadband

Over at The Hill, Julian Hattem breaks down how the FCC is looking to improve mobile broadband: The commission on Friday announced that, at its meeting next month,

Know Your Smartphone History

The smartphone didn’t begin with the release of the original iPhone. In fact, the history of smartphones can be traced all the way back to 1994, as this

Potential Auction Hiccup

Remember the FCC’s long-gestating spectrum incentive auctions aimed at freeing up more airwaves for mobile broadband? Well, as The Hill‘s Kate Tummarello reports, the much-needed auctions have hit

Doctor Glass

Google Glass is certainly controversial, but as Kim-Mai Cutler of TechCrunch points out, the wearable tech is already leading to innovation in health care: While Google Glass has

Heavy Investors

Via Mike Dano of Fierce Wireless, a new report predicts that investment in wireless networks won’t be slowing down anytime soon — assuming policymakers don’t throw a wrench

Good Idea of the Day

Wireless organization CTIA wants to focus on getting more spectrum to the market for mobile broadband. As Phil Goldstein of FierceWireless reports: CTIA President Meredith Attwell Baker wants