As more of life moves online, more is moved out of reach of Americans without broadband. The pandemic placed a bull’s-eye on the digital divide, and policymakers on both sides of the aisle are now determined to bridge it. How the U.S. tackles the three main contributors to the gap – availability, affordability, and adoption – will significantly impact America’s future and whether our nation leads in 5G, as it did in 4G.

Hear ideas about building America on broadband during a discussion between FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Bruce Mehlman, Founding Co-Chairman of IIA and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy. Commissioner Carr and Bruce discuss:

  • the broadband recommendations of the American Jobs Plan and alternatives before Congress;
  • how taxpayer dollars can be put to their highest and best use for broadband deployment to close the digital divide;
  • how consumer subsidy programs that offset the cost of broadband for low-income Americans could be modernized and made more effective;
  • how the public and private sectors can work together to reach universal broadband without slowing investment in 5G.